Paint is one of my favorite things. It can literally turn a garbage piece into a statement piece in a matter of hours. It's inexpensive, easy to use and extremely versatile. Paint can give a standard dresser personality and it can provide life to an entire space. 

Because of paint's wonderful characteristics, painted furniture pieces are everywhere! The threat of 'ruining' family heirlooms and antiques has faded and people are beginning to slather every surface with the bright stuff. Here are some of my favorite [ POW! ] pieces. 

  1. A cyber grape table?? Yes. It's simple design with big color. via:
  2. The amount of detail translates as antique. The mustard hue balances the vintage flair. via: red online
  3. It's simple and refreshing. Especially paired with the vermilion chairs and multicolored rug. via: southern living
  4. Why paint the whole thing when just painting the backsplash looks rad? via:
  5. I'm sort of over my love for coral, but this desk has some pretty bones and looks great in the peachy hue. via:
  6. This piece inspired my buffet diy. I couldn't decide between emerald or mint. Regrettably, I went with mint. via: 

Here are some more of my favorite painted pieces that are a bit more subdued:

  1. Again, sometimes all you need is a little backsplash update (and a fresh coat of white) via:
  2. This probably took 2 hours tops and makes a world of difference. via:
  3. These chairs would look beautiful left alone, but the dipped pale hues really make them lovely. via:
  4. Who da thunk? A creamy wide strip down a dated dresser equals magic. via: can't currently find, but will update when I do. 
  5. Ikea hacks are great, and this is one of my favorites. The color combo of natural browns, dirty-ish chartreuse and crisp white is also my favorite. via:
  6. Grey is the greytest color (sorry). Paint anything grey I approve. The styling around this dresser puts it over the top. via:

See! Painted furniture doesn't have to fall under the category of shabby chic (I don't like that stuff). It can be hip, beautiful and can freshen up an otherwise boring space. 

What are some of your favorite painted pieces? Post the link in the comments or tell me about your painting diy experiences - good or bad :)

AuthorMolly Streuli