Fusion restaurants and food carts are popping up everywhere. I think they're genius. Let's take one delicious cuisine and pair it with an even more delicious cuisine, resulting in an insanely delightful combo. 

Last night, John and I were walking down Mississippi Ave trying to find something yummy for dinner. We stumbled upon a lone food cart sitting above the sidewalk on a raised lot.  We decided to check it out. 

It was closed. 

But as we started to walk away, we heard a voice from the cart: "Hey! You guys want some Spicy Spoon?" We sure did! 

photo 1.JPG

Not only was the owner nice enough to serve us after they had closed, but he was happy to engage us in friendly and interesting conversation all about The Spicy Spoon. 

The Spicy Spoon seems to be a fusion of BBQ and Mexican cuisine. The owner's experience is in BBQ, winning numerous competitions for his fruit-filled BBQ sauces. His wife is Mexican and obviously knows what she's doing in the kitchen. 

It's awesome to see two completely separate food identities, BBQ Pitmaster + Authentic Mexican Home Chef, combined to create an entirely new identity: The Spicy Spoon.

The owner also mentioned to us plans for the future patio space. He hopes to have live bands, possible poetry readings, and even has a food competition-like concept involving local culinary schools and the community. All of these components will contribute to the identity of The Spicy Spoon, making it a truly unique cart and overall experience.

For the sake of convenience (considering they were doing us a huge favor), we both ordered the same dish: Rice Bowl w. Steak; one mild, one hot. 

It was so good. The rice was perfectly simple. The steak was tender. The vegetables were cooked to perfection. And the sauce. Oh the sauce. It was sweet, sticky, spicy, fruity, smokey, bold...It was perfect. 

Not that it needed any additions, but I had to give his three homemade 'side' sauces a try. There was a guacamole-inspired sauce, a jalapeno-cilantro sauce and a smoked chipotle sauce. All delicious. 

The Spicy Spoon not only has bomb.com food, but they also have a unique identity story. It was a great experience and I would encourage you to check it out! I know I'll be back. 

AuthorMolly Streuli